Saturday, March 14, 2015

New Release!

As promised, here's the next one, re-released just this week. This cover completely blew my socks off, by the way. Thank you, Kim Killion! Fabulous job!
Seeking Miss Scarlet
Natale Stenzel
Valerie Longstreet – a good-hearted, entrepreneurial Miss Scarlet – runs a small inn featuring weekly mystery dinners with a humorous cast of employees and regulars. In between shows, she adores teasing her perpetually harassed neighbor, the mysterious Jack Harrison, a retired cop and struggling private investigator. Not only is the man ruggedly sexy, but she’s certain he could add professional cachet to her weekly whodunits, if only he would cooperate. He refuses on principle alone, until honor and a baffling attraction to a lighthearted vamp drag him into a real-life mystery.
Stenzel's SEEKING MISS SCARLET is a witty, wicked affair that's not for the timid -- twisted humor abounds." -- Romantic Times